Christmas is Coming

December 01, 2014

Feeling generous and want to buy MoneyWise Dad a Christmas gift? Well, you can give something to me when you buy something for yourself. Just click through one of the Amazon links below when you next plan on shopping there and I'll get a little affiliate commission for your trouble. Let's call that my Christmas present.


Five Sites for Making Money Online

November 07, 2014

This site serves up ads whenever you search online. Click on the ads and you get paid. We're only talking small change, but every little helps. Sign up here.

Inbox Pounds
You get paid pennies for receiving ads in your email inbox with this site. The pennies add up to pounds eventually, although it could take a while. The website also enables you earn money from surveys, watching videos, tasks or search. Sign up here.

Write articles and then get paid when people read them. Google adsense provides much of the revenue for this community content sharing website, but there are other ads too, so you'll get paid per view as well as being paid for clicks. You can also make some cash from amazon affiliate commission links. Sign up here.

Top Cashback
It claims to be the UK's most generous cashback site. Whenever you shop online, click through from Top Cashback first.You'll get some cash which can be transferred directly to your bank account. Sign up here.

Valued Opinions
Take surveys ad earn rewards for every one you complete. You can earn about 50p per survey. Once, you've done £10 worth of surveys, you can change your rewards for online vouchers. Sign up here.

Turning Pennies Into Pounds

February 04, 2014

I'm not quite sure that luxury holidays are something that anybody who is clicking on ads to earn a few pennies is going to be buying anytime soon. That's one of the ads which has turned up in my email inbox since joining Inbox Pounds.

Describing itself as the online rewards club that pays, Inbox Pounds pays out cash when you complete online surveys, watch videos or do internet searches. You can also sign up to have ads delivered to your email inbox, which you get paid a penny a time a time for looking at.

True, none of this is going to make you rich. Each time you interact with the site you are likely to earn only a few pence. Slowly though, those pennies add up and when the money in your account has reached £20 you can cash it out.

If you've got the staying power and reckon you can see it through to turn your online activity into a crisp twenty pound note, you can sign up here.

Raising a child costs over £227,000

January 23, 2014

The cost of raising a child is £227,266, according to new figures from the Centre of Economic and Business Research. This is £5000 higher than the figure put out last year. The research totted up expenses over the first 21 years of a life, including food, clothing and hobbies. Education which swallowed up the biggest chunk of change. £73,803 went on that. This was followed by childcare, which came in at £66,113.

New Year's Resolution

January 03, 2014

As a teen, I used to buy a diary every year. I planned to fill the pages with daily accounts of my scintillating life. My attempts at keeping a journal didn't usually last long. My life turned out not to be that scintillating and my diaries tended to fizzle out before January had come to an end.

I originally began this blog in January 2013. Kind of like my early diary efforts, it didn't last long. This year though, full of vim, I'm trying to revive it. And you, random reader from somewhere in the world, get the chance to enjoy this thrilling account of my attempt to get my finances in order.

My new year's resolution is to post something new at least once a week. If you want to be kept updated, subscribe to the RSS feed.

How to Save Money on Train Fares

April 26, 2013

TicketySplit is an app from the MoneySaving Expert website which helps you to get cheaper train fares.

Make Money By Writing What You Know

March 15, 2013

Reckon you can string a few words together? Think you have something to say about a particular subject? Well, you might be interested to know that there are websites out there that pay you for sharing your knowledge on a topic.

HubPages is a community website where users write article about the things they know about. You can earn money from the ads that are placed on your articles. Interested? Sign up now.