September 16, 2016

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Earn Money with Receipt Hog

What is Receipt Hog?

If you don't mind letting a few market researchers in on your shopping habits and you fancy earning yourself a little extra cash on the side, you might want to check out Receipt Hog.

What's That All About Then?

Basically, it's an app for your phone which you can use to earn cash by scanning receipts from your shopping. Whenever you scan a receipt you are awarded virtual coins. Once you've collected enough, you can change them for either PayPal credits or Amazon e-gift cards.

Cool, huh?

The information from your receipts is made anonymous and is used to help make market research reports, which are bought by brands. You can get coins when you scan receipts from supermarkets, chemists, off-licences, newsagent's and pound shops.

How Many Coins Can You Earn?

The amount of coins you get depends on how much you spend.
  • <£10 = 5 coins
  • £10-£50 = 10 coins
  • £50-£100 = 15 coins
  • £100+ = 20 coins.

How Many Coins do You Need to Collect to Make Cash?

  • 1500 coins = £5
  • 2850 coins = £10
  • 5300 coins = £20
  • 12000 coins = £50

How can I Get More Coins on Receipt Hog?

Every receipt you scan can also earn you an entry into a monthly sweepstake, where you can win up to 5000 coins. If you have an email address with a Google, Hotmail or Outlook domain, you can choose to receive email surveys which enable you to earn 100 coins for doing short surveys.

Is Receipt Hog Worth It?

Yes, it's worth a look. Don't expect to make big money in a hurry, but you'll get a payout eventually and it only takes a few seconds to scan a receipt, so it's not exactly a major effort.

If you want to give it a go, you can sign up here.