January 06, 2017

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Get Fit Without a Gym Membership

It's that time of year again. You ate and drank too much over the Christmas holidays and now you're set on getting fit. New year resolutions like that often lead to expensive gym memberships which often end up being a waste of money. It's easy to sign the gym direct debit form, but is it easy to actually make yourself get down to some fat-busting exercise.

I won't be signing up for a gym membership anytime soon, but I will be trying to make the little changes in my lifestyle that will help me avoid prematurely popping my clogs.

Do Some Aerobic Exercise

You can spare 30 minutes for three times a week. You don't have to fork out the cost of a gym membership to get your body into shape. There are plenty of cheaper (often free) alternatives. You can go for a bike ride, run around the park, get down to your local swimming pool or even just dance around your living room. People claim that they don't have the time, but you can make time. And even if you can't manage 30 minutes of getting yourself into a sweat, you can surely manage to set aside some time every work for a bit of a workout.

Get Active in Daily Life

There are plenty of everyday activities and leisure pursuits that can help you become more active. Particularly if you have a sedentary job, sitting at a desk all day, it pays to take every little opportunity you can to move yourself a little more. Always take the stairs. Take up gardening, volunteer to clean a park, do something.

Buy Some Dumb Bells

You don't need a complete home gym to build those muscles, but there are few things you can get for your home that will help you shape up. And you needn't break the bank stocking up on kit. Start out with some dumb bells, perhaps a stability ball and maybe some resistance bands.

Watch What You Eat

You don't need a fad diet to get in shape. Losing weight and staying in shape just takes a little common sense. It's obvious really. Don't eat too much and eat the right things, like fruit and veg, and avoid the bad things like sugar and too much salt.

Have the Occasional Treat

The reason why most people give up on diets is that they are just too unrealistic. You might start out with the best intentions and eat nothing but light salads at the start of your new health regime. But that's unlikely to last. You're going to break. For many, when they crack after a couple of days and eat something bad, they give up on the health kick completely. When they've given in to temptation and eaten a bag of chips or a donut, they think they've failed and end their healthy living plan right there and then. A much better approach is to just allow yourself the little treats every once in a while, just so long as you know that after that you are going to go back to healthy living.

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